Hegar Sound/Dilator Set - 14 Stuks


Hegar Sound Set 14 Pcs - Solid

Diameter Size:
One End 1mm - Other End 2mm
One End 3mm - Other End 4mm
One End 3mm - Other End 4mm
One End 5mm - Other End 6mm
One End 7mm - Other End 8mm
One End 9mm - Other End10mm
One End 11mm - Other End 12mm
One End 13mm - Other End 14mm
One End 15mm - Other End 16mm
One End 17mm - Other End 18mm
One End 19mm - Other End 20mm
One End 21mm - Other End 22mm
One End 23mm - Other End 24mm
One End 25mm - Other End 26mm

Kiotos Steel products are made of 100% Stainless Steel, this ensures the highest quality of Steel products available today. Cleaning your toys is easy with Kiotos toy cleaner.

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